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Rules and Regulations

The first and foremost rule is: HAVE FUN!! But, as we all know, especially those of us that have participated in on-line racing, there needs to be ground rules to ensure fair play - as much as possible. This is also not a hard and fast rule system. We hope to continue to refine and shape the rules, so any and all feedback is encouraged! Feedback (constructive that is), can be left at the VMAX Racing Facebook page.

General rules
1. Clean racing is the expected norm. Rubbing is racing, but crashing is gay!
There have been numerous complaints regarding unsportsmanlike racing, starting with VMAX Cup V, this will be vigorously enforced.
2. Family friendly language is not only accepted but demanded.
3. No nudity, profanity, or obscenity is allowed on vehicles.
4. The previous season victor has the right to wear the #1 on his plate instead of his normal number. The number two finisher for the season may wear the #2 plate as well.
5. Each winning driver will have his vehicle's picture posted in the winners Circle, he will also get to post a checkered flag on his vehicle, and the driver with the fastest lap will get to post a lightning bolt on their vehicle.
6. Each participant is required to have a functioning mic at race time.
7. More will be added as becomes necessary.

Race Day Rules
1. All competitors will come to the VMAX career for room assignment(s) as needed. All competitors need to be in their room ten minutes prior to race time. Room Captains will be assigned and duties delegated prior to the races during this interval.
2. Each race will be approx. 45 min. and one race will be run each week.
3. Points will be awarded based upon finishing position, most laps lead, and fastest lap.
See Points break down for more details.
**New for VMAX Cup V is DNF's will be scored above DNS's.
4. More rules to added as needed

In Game Racing Rules
1. All rooms are to use simulation damage, tires, collisions on, with traction and stability turned off (for classes lower than B). Competitors may choose whether to use manual or automatic, and may decide whether or not they want to use ABS. On tracks that have no pits, limited damage will be used.
2. Races will be started with Lobby option set at random.
3. Room Captains are charged with the duty of calling red flags, and yellow flags.
Red Flags are to be called if a member lags out. A new 2 lag out rule is now in place. The race will be resumed after a new room is set up, with the closest laps available, and in the order when the red flag was called. The competitor who brought out the red flag will start at the end of the pack. The race will be then restarted.
Yellow flags are to be called if a racer(s) have an accident that results in red (damaged) body parts, competitors are responsible for letting the room Captains know of their vehicles condition. Competitors restart in the order they were on the track when yellow flag was called, except any needing to use the pits will restart in the order they entered the pits. Those that use the pits will restart at the end of the tail lap. Yellow flags should not be used for racers who damage their own vehicles and is not related to an accident involving another racer. The driver should stay on the inside of the track and make best possible speed to the pits.
Restart procedure is to drive 55 mph for the remainder of that lap. If a red flag has been called, the room Capt. is responsible to make sure the competitors are arranged correctly before one lap is completed, or 1/2 way point ( long uphill) on the ring. Competitors will follow Room Capt. instructions. Any disputes should be directed to the website, and not air or disputed in the room.
4. NEW for VMAX Cup VIIII - Luckydog Pass. The first person 1 or more laps down will be allowed to get one of their laps back. Room Capt. will be responsible for determining who that is. The Luckydog will then go around and move to the back of the pack.
5. More rules will be added as needed.

Racing Points Break Down
Points will be assigned by finishing position in each racing event. The Points Break Down are as follows starting with VMAX Cup VIIII:
1 - 15 points
2 - 14 points
3 - 13 points
4 - 12 points
5 - 11 points
6 - 10 points
7 - 9 point
8 - 8 points
9. - 7 points
10. - 6 points
11. - 5 points
12. - 4 points
13. - 3 points
14. - 2 points
15. - 1 point
16. - 0 points
DNF's as well as DNS's do not receive P.I. Bonuses for any event.

Additionally, Drivers can earn 3 extra points if they lead a lap (at the line), and can earn 3 more points for the fastest lap.

Points ties (total weekly accumulated points) will be decided by 1st race finishing position. If a tie remains, previous weeks points total position will be the determinant.

We will also be assessing P.I. bonuses for weekly overall finishing positions. New for VMAX Cup VIIII - Weekly winner will receive no penalty, but 2nd place will recieve 1 PI points, third will receive 2 PI points, the middle of pack will receive 3 PI points, 2nd to last will receive 4 PI points, and last will receive 5 PI points. The PI's will be adjusted so that there is always at least 1 car that has the starting PI. PI scores will be modified week to week to ensure there is at least 1 car at the starting PI.


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