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VMAX is the original on-line racing sponsor, and is the home of the coveted VMAX Cup.

The mission of VMAX is the same now as it was from the beginning:
1. Promote healthy competition.
2. Provide a framework of knowledge, experience and vehicles to help every Forza racer achieve their personal best.
3. Provide a place for racers, friends and aquaintances to come together to compete.

I am Brad Bloom from the Twin Cities in Minnesota, USA - founder, organizer, and owner of VMAX Racing, VMAX car club, the VMAX Cup, VMAX Racing facebook club, and the VMAX website.

Drake Wink

VMAX History

Our beginnings

The genesis for VMAX started soon after I started racing on Forza. I spent six long months racing, tuning, and trying to figure it all out. I received a little help here and there, but no one was willing to give me substantial help or a basic setup to work from. My first club was Rude dog racing (RDR). I gathered about a dozen or so racers together. I did my best to help them, but frankly, I didn't know much either. So we struggled along together. Slowly we improved our cars and improved our times.

The first Season(s)

Then I found a group of racers and we came together as Dregs of Society (Dreg) under Wormfeeder. In that group was Lum the mad, Redemnweep, Mindvise and a few others who escape my memory. (If you feel slighted, email me and I will put your name in Smile ) Anyway, for the first time some of the group swapped ideas on setups and techniques for racing. But, the club Pres. was a raving egomaniac, and thought the only good ideas were his and refused to even consider any other points of view. He continually booted people out of the club for no apparent reason, and preached clean driving while brake checking and rear-ending people in his VW R32. I was the first of the club to leave due to his unacceptable behavior. Eventually everyone left Dregs.
Badmuzzy had thought up the car club name YZF, and I thought that was an awesome club name ( I had a YZF R6 at the time). So after spending some time thinking about what I wanted the name of my car club to convey, I came up with VMAX. VMAX summed up what my philosophy was in real life racing as well as online racing. So I slowly started to gather people. The first of which was Slowsparky. He was the heart and soul of VMAX. We raced almost every day, and together we gathered a group of about 100 people. About this time, we came up with the VMAX Cup. A particularly loathsome (this description has raised the hackles of ISRA(C) members , but what do you call someone who befriends you, then with the help of others takes over your car clubs website, then bans you, then lies about it, then after you forgive him and join his new site, help recruit new members, removes you and your car club, then lies about and continues to do so???) character by the gamertag of Sylvacore offered to host the website we needed to run the races more efficiently. We had four or five rooms every Sun. to run for the cup. I recruited room managers to help with point, time and procedural rules for the many rooms. I gave every racer that wanted one, an Acura RSX with my latest setup on it. The RSX was the first car we used for the cup. It was crazy trying to manage all the people, the races and the score-keeping. The rules and procedures were constantly being changed, and rewrote to make the races more efficient. Everyone was given input in how the racing would go, but it was inevitable that some would have different ideas about where they wanted the racing rules, procedures, etc. to go. The first to defect was DMX, and as you will see shortly, he was not the last or the worst offender.

Theft by any other name - the dark ages

I quick recap is in order. We were racing of Forza 1, having a crap load of fun, racing with new people every week. We had refined the rules fairly well, and everything was petal to the metal! I won the first abbreviated season and Bigredrhino won the second season. The First season was run in Acura RSX's and the second season was run with the driver taking one vehicle thru the entire season. The only exception was no CRX's, as they were the broken D class car in Forza 1. We started the third season running Mitsubishi EVO VIII's. We were a good way thru the season when Sylvacore with the help of Bayless took over the VMAX website. Interesting to note, Sylvacore was sending me emails telling me Bayless was out of control, and telling me he would watch Bayless' activities on the website as Bayless was continually making changes without consulting me or telling me he had made them. I was getting emails left and right: Why are we doing this?? You said...??? Bayless told me...!" So when they took over the website, they said it was because I was out of control! Their only point of contention, at that time, was that I had removed Screaming eagle from the VMAX car club and the VMAX website because he was constantly ramming and crashing people. Not that that never happened, Wader is a prime example, only he thought it was funny and did it deliberately. As was stated in the home page - clean racing is the only acceptable racing. So, they removed me for good of VMAX - whatever, anyway, they continued to change their story several times over the next few months. So I changed the car club name (on the Forza 1 game) and made Wader, the president. I then reopened VMAX so that any who wanted to come back could, and everyone had to choose where they wanted to be. Sylvacore closed my website and opened his own. Can you guess the name?? It's IRSA(C). So, I had built, with the help of my recruiters, a club of about 100 to 150 racers. Some of the members rejoined me, some tired of the all the bullshit left and never came back, but they took most of the members with them. I continually heard from others all the lies ISRA(C) was telling everyone to make their actions seem legitimate, and of course, they wouldn't let me post any rebuttals on their site, and censured any who spoke out in favor of me or questioned the banishment. They went on to run the series, but changed the it to the x cup.

A new beginning - same old ending

So Forza 2 released and everyone is in high spirits. I had continued talking to a few people associated with their site, and they continued to ask me come back, that it was all a mistake, blah, blah, blah. After about six months, I relented and added my car club to their website. The relationship was uneasy at best, and yet I continued to recruit for their website and bring racers in for them. They decided to start the x cups over again starting in D class again. They decided to run Pontiac Solstice's. I hate RWD vehicles in Forza, always have, always will. So I declined to participate. Some of their members freaked out and sent me nasty voice mails and emails telling me I had to run - as I was a club president. I continued to race and practice with them however. Here are just a couple of examples of how ISRA(C) members and the club operated and apparently continues to operate. They were practicing in the Solstice's when I joined them with my Mugen Civic. I was doing pretty good, staying in the top 3 or 4 when Racer09 just railed me! No apology, no oops, nothing! I didn't yell or scream, I simply asked him for an explanation. He refused to answer me, so I left the room. I reported it to Sylvacore and the BOD, but apparently, nothing was done. You see he is a good friend of the BOD. Some have said that was then and this is now so... A couple (few - the behavior is of import, not the exact time as ISRA(C) emphasizes) of weeks ago I was racing with some of the ISRA(C) guys on Suzuka in A class, and Racer09 was in his G35. After a couple of laps he caught up me and pushed me off the track two laps in a roll and then bumped me hard enough to put tires off nearly every time he passed me. No apology, no oops!! nothing. The more things change the more they stay the same. Another example took place a couple of months after the Solstice incident when Wader had a room open and was practicing with Subaru Legacy's. He refused to let me use the car I wanted (the VIS Integra FWD), but let one of his other buddies and team mate a67ssrs, also on the BOD's, run whatever he wanted. Anyway, I took a car I had never raced before and tuned it as we went. After a couple of races, I got my car good enough to challenge for the lead. But as is his M.O., Wader just couldn't allow me to win. Every corner he rammed me. Every straight he hit me - Race after race after race. No apology, no oops, nothing. It shows you the character and integrity you can expect from some of ISRA(C) members. I didn't yell, I didn't scream like Wader did if you even got close to him, I reported his behavior to the club supervisors. But instead of him facing consequences, they removed me!! They removed my car club, and once again they said it was for the good of the website. They never talked to me, never discussed anything! Despite their continued and repeated claims to the contrary.
Unfortunately, this is not the end of the drama. After banning me and Mahoff 117, AKA VMAX Minidrake, AKA Ultimate350z (which is his current ISRA(C) membership GT), Mahoff went on his (their) website and posted a bunch of garbage, and harassed them in their chat room and they blamed me (of course) for it. I did not post any deragatory comments on their site about them or ever go on their little chat room. I did tell Sylvacore exactly what I thought and think of him. but I sent it to him! I did not post it anywhere. Oh, he did post it, he did post defametory comments, as did it's BOD, as did many of the members of ISRA(C) including people who had never talked to me or raced with me. Sorry AZTVise, this is what happened, this is what they have done, this is who they are!
The truly amazing thing is that "they" claim I am the instigator, that I started all of this. On, Feb. 16, '09, I signed up at the Symracing website at the invitation of one of its members, and I was immediately attacked by ISRA(C) members - I didn't even know any of them were members until I signed up! This they did without provocation and in direct contravention of the rules of conduct of the website. I merely extended an invitation to the members of the site to join the VMAX Cup if they were so inclined. On the other racing website, ISRA(C) had their negative postings about me removed, and caused my welcome thread to be locked out (for a while anyway, 'till it became clear to the website administrators that ISRA(C) was the aggressor and the instigator), all the while on their website they laughed and joked about it and continued to post derogatory comments. But hypocritically they screamed at the top of their lungs over what was written here! Have things really changed over there??? Just one last and final note regarding ISRA(C), they were so offended by my bringing up their unflattering behavior, yet again, that they devoted yet another (the previous is archived according to Bigfoot) entire thread to their hate mongering. I encourage everyone to read it (if ISRA(C) has the courage to leave it up unedited, but at last viewing they have taken off the offensive language and comments). This is who they truly are - this is what they are truly about!!

A lie is a lie, is a lie!

I think it's important to call a lie a lie and a spade a spade!! The truly unfortunate part of being part of forza and it's community is that the people who run it are a bunch of self-serving megalomaniacs without an once of common decency or the ability to tell right from wrong! Their only concern is to appease and smooch the buttocks of those individuals and clubs deemed "important or good." One of the most despicable of these people is the imbecile tshak. On the forzanet forums he stated he transferred all the participants from the forza 3 stat site, run by vvv and paid for by turn10 to the forza 4 stat site, but in fact, he excluded every single member of the VMAX crew. VMAX Firedrake emailed him several times about it, but he refused to allow us access... as a matter of fact, he blocked VMAX Firedrake's IP address so he couldn't see if the lie was corrected. Firedrake sent a message to forzanet exposing the lie and demanding VMAX be included! How did the honorable and courageous forzanet leaders act? They banned Firedrake and everyone who is part of the VMAX crew!! Now, these same cowardly people have taken it upon themselves to start banning or getting members of Team VMAX banned from XBOX Live. Most notorious is the loathsome character known as vvv worm. Well all I can say is if it crawls like a worm, wiggles like a worm, and has no backbone like a worm... it's worm!! He is not alone in his heinous behavior... he is supported by the unskilled demolition derby specialists at ect, and a multitude of other self-righteous and morally corrupt individuals who work long and hard to exclude VMAX and it's members from forza and the forza community!! This our response: We will NOT go away, and we will NOT stop exposing you for the cowards you are!! We are the longest lived racing series organizer on forza and we are NOT going to let you hypocrites and assholes stop us!!
It doesn't end there though!! Another coward, this time a turn 10 employee by the name of phRedesign, divulged personal misinformation on the forzanet website and banned my fiance Sledprincessrox for NO reason. He was, forever, sarcastic and condescending!! As a result of the craven behavior of worm, tchuk, and redesign, a complaint was filed verbally and in written format on XBOX Live. This is the written version with the name included so you, the viewer, may know who the guilty are:

I have been a loyal player on forza since day 1 and have spent thousands to that end!! I run the longest series in forza history!!
The moderators of the forza webpage lied when they said they moved every player from the forza 3 site to the forza 4 site. He (tchak) deliberately removed every member of Team VMAX!! I emailed him several times and he refused to add us!! As a matter of fact, he blocked my IP address so I can't even see it!! Microsoft and turn 10 need to pull the funding for the site and find a responsible and ethical team and individuals to run the site!! I sent an email to the moderators of the forza site telling them that one of their co-moderators had lied and deliberately left us out!! They banned me and my son and my brother all who play forza!!!
Another one of the moderators (from the same club vvv by the name of worm) banned one of my club members for incidental contact in a race on forza! This moderator (worm) has trash talked me and my team for years now, and it is unbelievable that he was given any responsibilities at all!! He abused his power, and his authority and needs to be removed from his position and banned from xbox live for his flagrant abuse of power!!
An employee of turn 10 (phredesign) divulged private information on the forzamotorsports.net website that was untrue as well!! This employee needs to be terminated for violation of privacy policies as well as his abusing his position. He made sarcastic and smart-alec remarks towards my fiance, who also plays forza and had an account of forzamotorsports.net. He banned her as well, for no reason!!!
It is obvious that microsoft and turn 10 need to seriously rethink who they have working for them and what these people are doing in microsoft/turn 10's name!! They are an embarassment to every decent person out here!!! Me and my club are filing multiple complaints against these individuals per the xbox live advisor, and the reference number on the complaints is 1182452847.

All persons who hate abuse of power and unchecked use of power as well as all wronged by these individuals and their club(s) need to call XBOX Live and file their own complaint (make sure to include the complaint number). The only way "persons" like this will ever have to answer for their unethical and illegal behavior is for persons of conscious to do the right thing and file a complaint!!

Now for the good news

We are up to VMAX Cup X, and have found a core group of drivers who know how to act and drive responsibly, with some big name car clubs showing interest in our events. Onward and upward as they say. I'd like to personally thank all those that have made the VMAX Cup what it is today, and all those that have contributed and participated. It's true... these events are only as good as the people who participate in them. Thank you for all the good racing and good memories.

Drake Smile

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